Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Puppy Update...

(Today's word will be in red and bold.)

My last post was about the new puppy I got from SW Washington Humane Society on December 30th.  At that time, Buttons, (my new name for him), had to wear a cone, because he'd been neutered.

Last Friday we were able to take Butttons' cone off, so I've taken another photo of him, to show is adorableness.  (Well, he is to me anyway. :)  )

In my last post I also mentioned that there would probably be more posts about Buttons; I'm pretty sure *this* one isn't the last either!

We've noticed, since Buttons isn't wearing a cone anymore, he's got a little bit of an attitude.  He's a bit bolder about some of the things he does, and we're working on teaching him not to do certain things.

For the most part, our newest little addition is being a normal little puppy; and learning fairly quickly.  He's already learned to fetch his toy and bring it back to be thrown again.  Yes, I'm as easily entertained by this routine as Buttons is!  And he knows his name now when he's called.  Still working on potty training; and there has been improvement.

Over all, having been only a little over a week since coming to live with us, I'd say Buttons is progressing quite nicely.


  1. Puppy pee pads are my best friend.

  2. What do you think of Alpha Broadcasting killing off KUPL and replacing it with the BULL?? I was saving KUPL pics off Google to remember my former fav station by and happened across your blog... guess you'll have to change the name now... RIP KUPL :(